How to Pick a Worry-Free Outdoor TV

Why You Shouldn’t Use an Indoor TV as an Outdoor TV

Whilst it’s tempting to place a standard TV outdoors, covered to save a bit of money; you may want to think again.  Choosing this option, rather than purchasing a worry-free Outdoor TV may not be as cheap as you think in the long run.

Outdoor TVs Are Designed & Built For Outdoor Conditions.

Here are a few reasons why a proper outdoor TV is so worry-free:

  • Outdoor TVs can be seen in most ambient light conditions thanks to their ultra-bright screens.  They use brighter panels, anti-reflective glass and contain cooling chambers to reduce heat inside the enclosure.
  • Outdoor TVs are able to withstand outdoor elements including extreme temperatures and are water resistant.
  • They are compliant with Outdoor Building Codes

Number One Benefit to Owning a Worry-Free Outdoor TV:  Saftey, Saftey, Saftey!

One of the first things you’ll come across in an indoor TV manual are warnings about the dangers of electrocution.  Indoor TVs do not come properly sealed to handle rain or moisture in the air.  You’re still at risk even if you place your Indoor TV Outdoors, undercover.  All it takes is a crazy storm, a broken water pipe, a hose gone loose or even humidity to compromise your TV and safety.

Reasons Why Indoor TVs Are Not A Worry-Free Outdoor TV

  • Outdoor Elements – Indoor TVs are not made to be used as Outdoor TVs.  As a result, they do not come properly sealed from outdoor elements.  This means dust, insects, sunlight and humidity can corrode if not break your indoor TV when placed outdoors.
  • Picture Quality – Sure your Indoor TV might look great inside but it will turn dull and lifeless when outdoors.  When you put an indoor TV in direct sunlight that glossy highly reflective screen you love so much will turn so dull it will be difficult to make out an image.  This is because indoor TVs don’t have high bright display panels and anti-reflective glass to combat direct sunlight.  To make matters worse, if your indoor TV receives too much direct sunlight it could form black spots or blackout due to the extreme temperatures generated and received by the unit.
  • Mobile TV- Moving your TV outside everytime you want to watch outdoors sounds very un-worry-free.  Planning to lug your TV outdoors every time you want to use it outside may protect it from the elements but will take a whole lot of time and effort.  By purchasing a high-quality Outdoor TV, installing it on a wall-mount and leaving it you can enjoy worry-free outdoor viewing anytime for years to come.

How To Void Your Indoor TV Warranty Quick

Did you know that if you install an indoor TV outdoors you are voiding the warranty? It is stipulated in most TV manuals that indoor TVs are not for outdoor use.  That stipulation is there for many reasons.  The main reason being indoor TVs are not meant to work properly outdoors.  Some companies may try to convince you that using one of their Outdoor TV Covers will protect your TV.  While this may be true for a while, Outdoor TV covers won’t save your warranty because simply put: you’re still using your indoor TV Outdoors.  So should anything go wrong with your Indoor TV, you can be sure you won’t be able to claim on your warranty if you’re using it outdoors.

The Best Worry-Free Outdoor TV

If you want to enjoy worry-free outdoor viewing, then you need to check out our range of Outdoor TV Monitors and Outdoor Accessories.  You can also find out more about us and what makes us the best choice for worry-free outdoor viewing here.

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