Outdoor TV vs Regular TV

Outdoor TV vs Regular TV – It’s in the Details

Whilst they may look the same on the outside or even on the inside – there are some components of an Outdoor TV which make a huge difference in brightness.  Here are some things you should consider when comparing an Outdoor TV vs Regular TV for Outdoor viewing.

What Makes an Outdoor TV Shine Bright Like a Diamond and a Regular TV Look Like a Dud in Comparison?

Some of the brightness characteristics that make all difference when comparing an Outdoor TV vs Regular TV are:

  • Nits (or Luminance):  What are Nits? Nits is a measurement of luminance.  Luminance is known as the intensity of light coming from the visible light.  Luminance is measured as Candelas per metre squared (Cd/m²).  A typical Indoor Television panel has an average Nit count of between 450-550 Nits, while an Outdoor Television ranging from 700 Nits (Bright) to 2,500 Nits (Ultra Bright).
  • Contrast Ratio:  Outdoor TVs generally have a higher contrast ratio. A higher contrast ratio measures the difference between the highest of white and the blackest of black. A higher number determines a cleaner, crisper image on the display.  So what does this all mean? If you were to place your regular TV under your outside covered patio or place it outside under a TV cover not only would that nullify your warranty (read here) but it would look pretty dull, especially when compared to to an Outdoor TV.  In short, there is no “best indoor tv” for covered patios.  Put another way indoor tv and outside covered patios don’t mix well.  This is because there are not enough nits or brightness in your indoor television for outdoor applications.
  • Example Measurements
     Normal Commercial Grade TVMetroSpec Outdoor TV
    Nits (Cd/m²)5001500
    Contrast Ratio1150:11300:1

How To Choose A Great Outdoor TV

Now that you know a little more about comparing the brightness of an Outdoor TV vs Regular  TV it’s time to find out how to choose the best Outdoor TV for your money.  Before choosing which Outdoor TV to invest in, make sure you choose an Outdoor TV that has enough nits and a good contrast ratio to provide you with the perfect picture outdoors. For full sun applications, we would suggest an ultra-bright Outdoor TV.  The great thing about this Outdoor TV is that it can sit outdoors, worry-free.  Thanks to our fully-sealed, rust-proof exterior and internal temperature control system, you won’t have to invest extra money in TV Covers or other accessories to keep and protect your TV outdoors.  Unlike regular TV, Outdoor TVs are made for the outdoors and made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

outdoor tv panels

Outdoor TV Co offers a range of purpose-built Outdoor TV’s with varying brightness – from 700 Nits to 2,500 Nits.  To find out more about us and what makes us the premier makers of the Outdoor TV, click here.

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