Can Outdoor TVs Get Wet?

The short answer is, Yes! Certified Outdoor TVs can be outdoors, worry-free, in any weather.  Yet, the same can not be said for a Standard Indoor Television placed outdoors.

Let’s discuss why this is.  While we can’t speak for all Outdoor TVs we can tell you about our own range of Outdoor Televisions and why you can leave an Outdoor TV Co TV outdoors, worry-free – even if it gets wet.

…Hell, you can even hose it down if you want to!

Why Can Outdoor TVs Get Wet?

Our Outdoor TVs are perfect for permanent outdoor installation.  This means that thanks to our state of the art technology you can enjoy worry-free viewing, outdoors rain or shine.  This is because our 55 and 65 inch Outdoor TVs are weatherproof, waterproof and fully sealed.  As a result,  you don’t have to stress about protecting your TV from water, rain, sun, snow or other elements.  In fact, our Outdoor TVs’ casing is designed to protect the internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, heat and salt air.  Just think about it, if salt air can’t get past our Outdoor TVs enclosure you can bet water isn’t going to make it in either.

In addition to being fully sealed, our range of Outdoor TVs can also get wet because they are made with a black powder coated and rust-proof exterior that is made to last.  Talk about being ultra-durable and waterproof.

To top things off, our Outdoor Televisions also comes complete with easy-connection, watertight cable entries for your safety and a 2-year warranty.

Can Outdoor TVs Get Wet and Display the Same Picture Quality?

Yes.  Not only are the internal components of your OTV protected but the exterior is as durable as they come.  Wet or dry, your Outdoor TV will display the same picture brilliant quality.  Whether it’s hit by a rainstorm or receives a good ol’ hose down; your TV will display the same.

How is the Temperature Regulated In A Fully Sealed Waterproof TV?

Some might ask: “If an Outdoor TV is fully sealed, how does it hold up in extreme hot and cold temperatures?”  “How will heat and frigid air escape?”  Well, we’ve also thought of that.  In order to create a truly worry-free outdoor television, we’ve equipped all our TVs with a built-in internal control system made to keep your unit cool and dry in extreme temperatures from -20 to 40 degrees C.  As a result, you’ll never have to worry about extreme temperatures overheating, freezing or ruining your unit.

Learn More About Waterproof TVs

If entertaining outdoors is your specialty, having an outdoor TV is a real game changer.  If you’d like to find out more about our products please click here.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with one of our friendly reps about products.  Simply contact us here.  We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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