Best TV for the Outdoors


  1. If you’re using an indoor TV as an outdoor TV get ready to kiss your crystal clear resolution goodbye. No matter how high quality your indoor TV screen is, the bottom line is: it’s made for indoor viewing only.  Using an indoor TV as an outdoor TV will leave you squinting and shifting to view your favourite movie.  This is because indoor TVs have glossy highly reflective screens; when placed in direct sunlight, their image becomes unviewable.
  2. Have you checked your owner’s manual lately? Chances are you’ll find sneaky legal jargon in the fine print that voids you of your warranty if you use your indoor TV as an outdoor TV.  And before you ask, yes, your undercover patio is considered outdoors.  Manufacturers do this for a reason.  Simply put, indoor TVs are not the best TV for the outdoors.
  3. Those of you lucky enough to bask in the glory of a sea breeze, might not be so lucky if you opt for a cheaper indoor TV and place it outdoors. As you probably already know, salty sea air is corrosive.  It’s only a matter of time before that fresh sea breeze or morning fog starts to corrode your unprotected input jacks.
  4. Expect the unexpected.  Sure an indoor TV might be protected by your fancy undercover patio or pergola today, but will it be tomorrow?  All it takes is a torrential downpour to leak through or a sprinkler break and whoops…there goes your TV.Best TV for the Outdoors
  5. Ok, so maybe our last reason sounds farfetched, but you want to know what isn’t far fetched? Bugs. Annoying, invasive, creepy, crawly…bugs!  Crawling is a way of life for insects and just like humans, bugs need shelter.  The problem arises when they take up shelter in your indoor TV.  Having a spider take up residence inside your TV may seem harmless but will prove otherwise once it spins its web across your circuit board, shorting it out as a result.  Trust us, it happens!
  6. If you think you can outsmart the weather, think again. The truth is you won’t always be home.  So if your plan is to bring the TV inside once a storm hits, think again.  The bottom line is indoor TVs are not the best TV for the outdoors.
  7. High humidity won’t just wreck your hair, it will wreck an indoor TV too. Condensation in your indoor TV’s ventilation grills is the perfect recipe for a sweaty, broken down indoor TV. Talk about being hot and bothered!  Whether your TV is out in the open or protected, the bottom line is, it’s subject to condensation build up.  This is why an Outdoor TV Co TV is the best TV for the outdoors.  All of our outdoor TVs are fully insulated so that humidity, dust, bugs or water won’t wreck them. Now, that’s worry-free outdoor viewing.
  8. The truth of the matter is leaving your indoor TV outdoors won’t just leave your circuit boards zappin, it could leave you zappin too! Water and non-waterproof electronics don’t mix.  Another reason why indoor TVs are not the best TV for the outdoors.  But if you’d rather test it out for yourself please don’t forget to wear your rubber thongs!
  9. Talk about an awkward grand finale party when you and your mates can’t watch the game because of the direct sunlight hitting your screen. Like we’ve stated before, indoor TVs are not viewable in all kinds of outdoor lighting because of their reflective screens.  So, don’t be THAT person.  If you want to be the hostess with the “mostest” do it the proper way – with an Outdoor TV CO Outdoor TV – the best TV for the outdoors!TV Cover for Outdoor TVs
  10. Last but not least, let’s talk Outdoor TV enclosures. Although buying an Outdoor Enclosure for your TV may be a bit cheaper, you’ll pay for it in the long run.  Putting a standard TV in an enclosure can lead to image distortion due to the two reflective glasses, overheating, poor air circulation and unsafe cabling.


The bottom line is, if your Outdoor TV isn’t a proper Outdoor TV CO TV, it isn’t the best TV for the outdoors.  Outdoor TVs are just awesome.  An indoor TV used as an outdoor TV may save you money upfront but it just won’t cut it in the long run.  An indoor TV used as an Outdoor TV isn’t safe outdoors.

Best TV for the Outdoors

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