Outdoor TV for Pool & Spa Areas

Learn more about our splash resistant Outdoor TV for Pool & Spa Areas.

Outdoor TVs Above Your Swimming Pool

Our Outdoor TV for pool and Spa areas can be mounted permanently and carefree above water.  This is because our TVs come fully sealed and are purpose built for outdoor use.  Our Outdoor TVs can also withstand splashing, fun and water games all whilst providing a clear picture.

Outdoor TV for Pool
Outdoor TV for Pool

Outdoor TVs Made for your Outdoor Swimming Area

Our Outdoor TV for Pool areas are ideal for any outdoor swimming areas.  They can be placed in direct sunlight, undercover, mounted on a wall or mobile cart (check ours out here).  Furthermore, our Outdoor TV for Pool areas are viewable in any light, day or night.  This is because our Outdoor TVs are 4 times brighter than a standard TV.  This means our Outdoor TVs are viewable even in direct sunlight.  You can also watch your very own moonlight cinema from you pool thanks to our Outdoor TV’s auto-diming feature.  At night, our Outdoor TV for Pool areas will dim down to a viewable brightness automacially for worry-free viewing.

Watching Sport from Your Pool with an Outdoor TV – Summer At Its Best!

Imagine watching the cricket on those hot summer days, when it’s too hot to be indoors and the backyard pool is the only comfort.  By installing an Outdoor TV in your swimming area, floating around your pool with a cold drink while you watch the Wallabies win another test, won’t be a dream, but a reality.  Our Outdoor TV’s are splashproof and watchable in sunlight.  Talk about a perfect way to take in a lazy weekend.

Outdoor TV’s For Pool & Spa Areas

The Perfect Entertainment Area

Turn your outdoor pool or spa area into the perfect entertainment area. Stream Netflix, watch movies, YouTube clips, play music or watch sport from the comfort of your floating device with Outdoor TV Co’s 55 Inch or 65 Inch Outdoor TV.

The Best in Outdoor TVs

The OTV Outdoor TV is more than 4 times brighter than your standard TV, is fully sealed, splash proof, has anti-reflective UV glass and provides a clearer, visible picture in any light or weather condition.

Watch your Outdoor TV while relaxing in your pool or spa.