Outdoor TV In Partial Shade Areas – Alfresco, Balcony, Verandas or Patio with TVs

Enjoy entertainment on your patio with a TV built for the outdoors.

Outdoor TV for Under Cover Outdoor Bar Areas

OTV Co’s Outdoor TV is perfect for open areas and undercover areas such as outdoor bars with partial sunlight.  Our Outdoor TV for undercover areas provides exceptional daytime viewing.  All you have to do is sit back & enjoy.  Ah the serenity!

Patio with TV
Patio with TV

Outdoor TVs in Partial Shade Alfresco Areas

The OTV Outdoor TV is the perfect entertainment centre piece for your alfresco dining area. With low glare and reflection, a bright screen for ultimate day time viewing and magnificent sound. Your outdoor living area comes to life.  To top things off, our TVs auto dimming feature means you can also watch TV at night or in times of low light without risking your eyesight.  Talk about an Outdoor TV with perfect brightness no matter the lighting.

The Perfect Outdoor TV No Matter the Lighting

Imagine relaxing on your favourite deck chair, under your patio, watching the football game on your OTV Co Outdoor TV.  Let us help you make this a reality.  Thanks to our Outdoor TV’s state of the art technology you’ll never miss any action or have to squint past glare and reflections to catch a vital moment during your favourite game.  That’s because the anti-shatter, anti-reflective UV glass on OTV Co’s Outdoor TV provides the perfect, worry-free picture.

The Ideal Outdoor TV In Partially Shaded Areas

Brilliant Picture Quality, Durable and Sleek

Outdoor TV Co Outdoor Televisions are fantastic in partially shaded areas.  This includes Alfrescos, Patios, Verandahs and Balconies where there is very little direct sunlight filters in.  If you are looking for an Outdoor TV that is fully sealed, weatherproof, designed for outdoor use and with fantastic picture quality – then the Outdoor Co’s Outdoor TV is for you!

Watch TV from the comfort of your own deck chair under your Alfresco with the Outdoor TV