The Best Outdoor TV for Hotel Outdoor Entertainment Areas & Beer Gardens

Learn how you can improve outdoor entertainment with the best Outdoor TV for hotel outdoor entertainment areas.

Outdoor TVs for Hotel Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Our Outdoor TV for hotel outdoor entertainment areas is an ideal product for entertaining patrons outdoors. Our brighter Outdoor TV Models (2000/2500 Nits) are up to 5 x brighter than any normal TV which makes them viewable in direct sunlight without reflection or glare. They are also sturdy with shatterproof glass and strong aluminium housing.  You can hose off your outdoor TV without worry of damage thanks to our IP65 rating.

Outdoor TV for Hotel Outdoor Entertainment Areas
Outdoor TV beer garden

The Best Outdoor TV for Beer Gardens

Our Outdoor TV for hotel outdoor entertainment areas will allow patrons to watch the latest game in your Beer Garden. Our brighter Outdoor TV Models (2000/2500 Nits) use high bright outdoor rated panels and UV Resistant laminated glass which significantly reduces reflection or glare.

How An Outdoor TV For Hotel Outdoor Entertainment Areas Can Benefit Your Establishment

By screening popular sporting matches in high definition outdoors, establishment owners can increase the amount of patrons visiting their establishment.  With increased patrons comes an increase in drink and food purchases.

Outdoor TV Co’s range of IP65 rated Outdoor TV Displays are perfect for screening the latest sporting matches.  By purchasing one of our popular Outdoor TVs for hotel outdoor entertainment areas you’lll be able to screen the game no matter the weather.  You can also rest easy because out Outdoor TVs are also football fan proof.  Just hose your TV down after the big game.

65 Inch Outdoor TV or 55 Inch Outdoor TV…That Is The Question.

Increase Revenue with a 65 Inch Outdoor TV

Increase revenue with your outdoor hotel entertainment area.  Outdoor TV Co’s 65 inch Outdoor TV is the best television to broadcast sporting events.  This outdoor TV will provide excellent picture quality no matter the lighting and won’t lag during critical sporting moments.  This Outdoor TV is perfect for fast moving sports such as AFL and Rugby.

The Brightest Outdoor TV

Our 65 Inch Outdoor TV is more than 4 times brighter than a standard TV.  All our TVs come fully sealed with splash proof, anti-reflective UV resisting glass.  As a result, they provide a clearer, visible picture no matter the lighting.  Still tempted to “save money” and use an indoor TV Outdoors?  Find out why you should reconsider that option here.

Worry Free Viewing

Protection is provided to patrons and establishment owners with anti-shatter toughened glass.  A hose down of the area after the nights events is also no problem thanks to its IP65 weatherproof rating.  Interested in learning what makes our brand different from the rest.  Find out more about us here.

Increase Revenue By Installing An Outdoor TV In Your Outdoor Entertainment Area