The Best Outdoor TV for BBQ Areas.

Create the perfect open dining experience with our Outdoor TV for BBQ Areas & Open Dining.

Outdoor TVs And The Open Outdoors

The OTV Outdoor TV has a higher brightness (2000/2500 Nits) and is the perfect option for the open outdoors. Our Outdoor TVs are built for outdoor use and can be left outside throughout the year, worry-free.  They provide exceptional viewing quality no matter the lighting.

Outdoor TV for BBQ Areas
Outdoor TV for BBQ Areas

OTV Outdoor TV In Partial Shade Alfresco Areas

The OTV Co Outdoor TV is the perfect entertainment centre piece for your Alfresco area. Thanks to its LED backlighting and high brightness our Outdoor TVs have low glare and little-to-no reflection, a bright screen for ultimate day time viewing and magnificent sound. Your Outdoor Living Area comes to life.

Outdoor TV for BBQ Areas & Open Dining

Here is your opportunity to turn your outdoor space into the perfect entertainment area. Outdoor TV Co’s Outdoor TV will deliver the best outdoor entertainment experience with the sharpest picture in any weather conditions. You can sit back and watch television outside in the ambiance of your own backyard.

65 Inch OR 55 Inch Outdoor TV’s For Exposed Outdoor Areas

The Perfect Outdoor TV For Entertaining

The 55 Inch and 65 Inch Outdoor TV’s are sure to turn your outdoor space into the perfect entertainment area. Stream Netflix, watch movies, YouTube clips, play music or watch TV from the comfort of your own back yard or Alfresco Dining Area.

Brightest Outdoor TV

The OTV Co Outdoor TV is more than 4 times brighter than your standard TV and features anti-shatter, anti-reflective, UV glass which provides a clearer, visible picture in direct sunlight or glary conditions. Your children are safe to keep playing ball or water sports without fear of damage to your entertainment centre piece with the impact resistant glass.

Durable and Weatherproof

It is fully sealed and therefore making it weatherproof -allowing it to be placed near your pool or spa, under your alfresco or balcony or directly outside in the elements.

Create the outdoor entertainment area you’ve dreamed about with an Outdoor TV